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Java Text from Edit element has garbage when value is 1 char

Level 10
When spying a Java Edit containing only one character, Java Text seems to return random garbage after actual value. Blank Edit works fine, if text in Edit element has more than one char - also works fine. Java 8. Just looking for confirmation that it is a bug and not some kind of local environment issue (tested on multiple machines, but additional confirmation would be nice)

Level 15
The only similar thing I have heard of before was not a Java app, it was a mainframe app where there were hidden black characters on screen not visible to the manual user by readable by Blue Prism.  To test you are not experiencing anything similar maybe manually select all and copy from your edit box and paste into notepad to see if the characters are actually there. If that test returns negative (no additional characters returned) - then I guess those copy to clipboard keystrokes are your workaround.  

Level 10
Value is fine. Works in Java Control Panel too - as long as spied Edit has only one character, spied Java Text is that one character + garbage. At the same time, Access Bridge Explorer ( shows correct value, so not a JAB issue