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Loading more certificates Utility - HTTP

Hello Everyone 🙂
Provider of the service expects call that in cURL looks like this (in GitBash): 

curl -k -X GET  "https://urlfake.json"  --key "C:\Desktop\decrypted_private_key.pem" --cert "C:\Desktop\public_cert.pem"

So I need to provide public certificate and the private rsa key separately in PEM format.

"Load Certificate" action from the VBO only gives me possibility to load one of these files and then I can provide only one Certificate ID in the next callas.

Any solution for that? 


Hello Eric,
The link you provided here is no longer valid.

I made a workaround where I used curl in GitBash to make the call. Since I am facing update of curl in GitBash I am facing the same issue all over again:
"curl: (58) schannel: Failed to import cert file C:\Users\DomZ\Desktop\Certs UAT BLPRSM\Cert_file_UAT.pem, last error is 0x80092002"

I have 2 pem certificates (cert and key) to provide to make a call to the web service. Is there a way to do this with tools/objects provided/recommended by blue prism?