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Performing Log out in RDP

Level 4
I am using BP v6.2 and need to perform some actions in RDP. I am able to send global keys with <{LWin}r>{LWin} and open PuTTY and fire commands. However post that I want to log out from RDP, but using {RWin} / right click events on Windows button region I am unable to perform it. When the command is execute I can see something flickering or windows key area in focus but nothing happens. 
I used two approaches - spying Windows key and its Right click options using Region mode, then perform click operations till signout. Here i can see mouse getting moved to corresponding coordinates, however the menu itself does not show up (basically Right Click event on Windows button is not working)
Second, using Global send keys and used several options.(one mentioned above)
Both did not do anything.

Thanks in advance!

Nikhil Sathe
Sr Consultant
Capgemini Technology Services