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Problem Spying Elements in Java mode

Hi, Im trying to do the bphotel exercise from the Java automation Course.

I have installed:

Jre 1.8.0

Jab 2.02

Marked the accessibility settings in Control panel

I had put the dll files from jab 2.02 in blueprism directory: Blueprism Limited\ Blueprism Automate how some people has suggested online.

And also Java Monkey 64 works with the bphotel app.

With this set up Im able to launch de bphotel .jar using the aplication modeller. But when I try spy some element from the app using java mode, my pc starts to lag and also I get this error if Im able to catch any element:

System.InvalidOperationException: External AppMan reader thread exited before response from query
   at BluePrism.AMI.clsAMI.Spy(clsElementTypeInfo& elementType, List`1& identifiers, Boolean includeAiSurfaceAutomation, Boolean includeAutoSpyMode)
   at AutomateUI.frmIntegrationAssistant.HandleSpyOrLaunchClick(Object sender, EventArgs e)

I havent seen any feedback about this error online. I would be glad If anyone could help

Andrés Felipe Vega Tique


Hi Andrés,

This error "External AppMan reader thread exited before response from query"  can be described as follows: 

When an application runs in one of the external modes, a separate Process is started to control the target application and isolate it from the main Process. Blue Prism Enterprise maintains a connection to this Process, which it uses to send commands to and receive responses from the target application. 

However, if the target application becomes unstable or freezes, this can bring down the separate Process and cause Blue Prism Enterprise to lose connection with it. As a result, the following error message (or similar) is displayed:

"ERROR: Internal : AMI error occurred in WaitStart Stage 'Wait for startup' on page 'Startup' - External AppMan reader thread exited before response from query."

This Application Manager error often originates from a mismatch between 32-bit and 64-bit installation, or between operating system bitness, Blue Prism bitness and the application mode to which you are attempting to connect. 

Enabling logging may reveal further details about how the connection to the target application has failed.

Steve Boggs
Senior Product Support Engineer
Blue Prism
Austin, TX

 Hi, thanks for replying my question.

Between which parts you are talking that can have mismatch between 32-bit and 64-bit ? I know my java aplication is 64 bits and the 64 bits option was selected in wizar when building the aplication modeller.

Also, How Can I Enabling logging to see more details?

Andrés Felipe Vega Tique