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Problem using UltraVNC

Hello everyone,

I use the UltraVNC viewer application hosted in a Citrix environment to log in with "IP:Port" to a remote computer and navigate over it. This task is repeated for each "IP:Port".

On each remote computer, there is a business application in the foreground where we navigate through a series of menus to perform a specific operation.

Note: When using a Citrix-based application, I can only use Region Mode as a spying method.

The problem is that after an undetermined time or for each new connection to a remote computer (I can't determine the cause), the spied items in Region Mode that worked before become unusable.

I understand that the VNC viewer only transmits a screenshot of the remote desktop and does not provide actual interactive elements.

Based on this, I detect that the screenshot shown by the VNC viewer undergoes changes when a new connection is made to a remote computer (or for some reason that I do not know). And this differs from the screenshot in Region Mode where I have spied items. Consequently, it stops working because it does not find the spied items.

Could someone help me with this problem? I deeply appreciate any insight given here. Maybe an UltraVNC configuration that achieves a more stable screen capture. Personally I'm trying several configurations but I can't get any success.

Blue Prism Version: 6.4
UltraVNC Viewer Version:

Attached is a screenshot of the UltraVNC options.
Thank you very much for your attention.


Level 6
Hi @Damián_Ezequiel,

You can probably check the screen resolution when it worked and compare the same values during the failed attempt.​

The Screen resolution must be same all the times to work in surface automation or region modes.

Also, as recommended, Font smoothing must be disabled in the machine where your BluePrism is hosted to work on surface automation or region mode.

Refer this link for the required settings.

RPA Solution Architect