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Process Analysis tool

Level 7

Good Day Team, I was wandering if there is a tool available which could run an analysis on a provided process, giving recommendations to what could be improved in terms of best practices and flow issues?

Kind of pre-Production tests.


Hi Gavin Rudling,
Looks like you are looking for Task mining.
Below are the links  for the process intelligence. It might  suggest ways to optimize the existing automation, Never get chance to use it but explored some time back in the past.*1avnke6*_ga*ODQ2MDg5OTU5LjE2NTcwNzM0NzI.*_ga_MFBQ2KFZ1L*MTcxNzA3NDU1Mi40MjQuMS4xNzE3MDc0NzAxLjQ3LjAuMA..

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Harish Mogulluri