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Questions on Document Form Definition

Level 3
Hi Ben,

Following are the list of questions that I, have for you. Please support me with your answers.

1)Whenever we apply add Formula on "Sub Total", "Tax" & "Total Amount" fields in that case I, can see Dependent items got selected automatically. Other than this case how to implement Dependent items in DFD for other fields like Invoice Number, Delivery Address, Order date etc.

2)How to select the Flags wisely while building DFD can you tell me the flag selection for the most common fields in any document like Invoice Number, Delivery Address, Order date, Total Amount etc.

3)In one of my case i have Net Amount, Vat Amount & Total Amount fields. I applied formula on Total Amount field as "NetAmount +VatAmount". The values in the document for these fields for example NetAmount=2,450.45 & VatAmount=1,134.56 as there is comma punctuation mark the TotalAmount field is giving "matherror". How to overcome such scenarios to make formula work?

4)When working on below Table items decipher is capturing the data in red highlighted format where it is missed to capture product code and totally missed to capture second lineitem. After training many items there is no change in the result. I, think may be it is due to the row alignment. Need your inputs in such scenarios. 


Jilani Shaik

Hi Jilani,

Firstly, I recommend taking a look at our online help topics. This covers a lot of the functionality available in Decipher and I personally use as a quick reference for features I don't use every day. Decipher Help

1. Dependent items are automatically selected based on when they are reference by a formula in another field. They cannot be selected manually. Why are you trying to make other fields dependent on one another?

2. I'd recommend heading over to the help page on DFDs. Specifically the page field options, as this covers the purpose for each flag. For the most part all you'll really need is Assignable, but others that are commonly used are Required, Auto Calculate and Multi Line.

3. Have you set the fields you're adding together as Money/Integer/Decimal format? These formats should automatically ignore commas

4. This is difficult to say, as I don't have a copy of your DFD or know what training you've carried out. There are few easy things to include in your DFD and after that it might be that you need to delete your Training Data to restart (CAREFUL - Deleting your Training Data, deletes it for all documents and users.
                              - Add each column header as a Sample Header
                              - Add the Multi Line flag to the first field
                              - If the product codes are consistent in format, trying adding a Format Expression (Regex)


Ben Lyons
Product Consultant
Blue Prism
Ben Lyons Senior Product Specialist - Decipher SS&C Blue Prism UK based