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Recognise Text converting certain character combinations

Level 2

Hi all,

I have a surface automation that uses recognise text to read 3 numeric characters from a list region, however recently depending on the sequence of characters some kind of conversion is taking place which is returning a different character.

So far I've found which sequence of characters is being converted, but some only occur under certain conditions:

Numerics        Returned Character
022                                 '
055                                 _
077                                 _

The incorrect character for the above is only returned when the transaction on the system is highlighed. If it isnt then the correct sequence of numbers is recognised from the system. As the these are transaction numbers of which there can be multiples being read from the screen (for example 10 transactions all with the same transaction number of 022) selecting the last transaction in the region or randomly selecting a transaction in the region wouldn't work.

Additionally, when the numeric sequence to be read is 222, the character being returned is _ regardless of if it's highlighted or not.

So far this has stumped me, so I'm hoping more experienced minds have either seen this before or can provide some insight?


Richard Fuller

Level 12

Hi Richard,

It would be helpful if you could mention the type of application. 

In many lists, pressing the up and down keys will shift transaction focus accordingly. Also, the Home key will put the focus on the first transaction in the list.
If this behavior is the case for your list, then as a workaround you could:

  • press the home key to get focus on the first transaction
  • press the down key to get focus on the second transaction
  • read the first transaction in the list as it is no longer in focus
  • press the up or home key to get focus on the first transaction again
  • proceed reading the second and subsequent transactions in your list

Happy coding!

(By all means, do not mark this as the 'Best answer'! )
Happy coding!
Paul, Sweden
(By all means, do not mark this as the best answer!)