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Retire/unretire multiple schedules

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Hello,   As a controller, I have to regularly retire/unretire multiple schedules (30+). Well, 30 schedules does not look too much of an effort until you retire a schedule and the view window moves down to the very bottom of the screen (where all retired schedules are) which requires you to scroll back up to active schedules to retire another one. So retiring multiple schedules looks like this: right click on the schedule > click retire > scroll back up to active schedules > right click again and so on... Isn't it a good idea to have an additional button "retire all' or "select all' or somehow to have a way to select schedules that need to be retired (multiple schedules)? I believe this would be a valuable enhancement as it saves some time and removes repetitive "clicking"  Do you agree with this idea? Do you have any plans on implementing this or do you have any other suggested workaround?   Regards, Vilius K.