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Simplifying doucmentation of processes

Level 3

I´m trying to make documentation of processes simpler and wondering if there is a tool to extract some basic info from a process? Has anyone found a good way to document processes to external stakeholders? Without too much hassle? 



Hi Maria,

As of the time of this writing, Blue Prism doesn't have any extensive built-in generative documentation functionality but I believe there may be a similar request for enhancement about this in our Ideas Portal to be considered for inclusion in a future release. If not, I would encourage you to submit this as an idea!

The related functionality that exists in the product today is the use of "Help > API Documentation" in the Object Studio, which compiles some basic descriptions from a VBO to create a quick HTML file. Perhaps you could implement the use of this to help meet your requirements, or others here on the Community could suggest some methods they use in their organizations for documenting processes.

Level 12

Hi Maria,

All of this information is of course already provided in the release file in XML format that you use for deployment in the production environment. As such, you could devise a script that reads the XML that extracts the pages and stages in the XML and put it in an XL.

Yet, if BP could make a new option for this, eg. RightClick the process in Studio and select new option 'Document Process' that would be greatly appreciated.

Happy coding!

Happy coding!
Paul, Sweden
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