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Unable to write data to the transport connection. An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.

Level 7
The resource PC log is occasionally spitting out this message.  It smacks of a network / infrastructure problem and not core Blue Prism but appreciate if anyone has seen this and found a route cause.

Level 12
Sounds like either an unstable network connection, or a bad transmission method configured in your controller. 1) Does your runtime resource connect direct to a controller, or direct to the DB? 2) If the latter, how is your controller configured? 3) In either case, is the address it is connecting to a load balanced or high-availability group?

Level 7
Thanks for the reply Ami.  The runtime resource is connecting to the db via an app server (I assumee this is what you mean by controller). The BP Service and Resource are both set up with the same connection type - WCF Message Encryption with Window Authentication.  The address is not loaded balanced or a highly available group. Do you think running a second app server and configuring a single address that round robins between them would help?

Level 6
Hi Peterlacken, what was the root cause for the above error??