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Version Control in bluprism

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This is regarding the version control in blueprism to allow access of modifying an object/process at same time by multiple users. Suppose if one person is working on a process(say Process A) and if some other person wants to work on the same process(Process A), we don't have the flexibility for the same unless anyone of the person has closed/completed working on the process. It would be helpful if the multiple users can access a process/object at the same time in blueprism similar to version control

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In my organization we have something called ""code review"" and we need to document that it was performed as it has become a control inside the company for safety measures. The way we chose to document is via a digitally signed e-mail for segregation of duties and application of 4-eyes principle. Although it would be really good to have a ""right-click > approve version > *authentication pop-up*"" and have one of those signatures ribbons next to the approved version of the code identified by the user. Commenting on the version control topic because it is kind of a version control.