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Work Queues::Get Next Item - ambiguous empty output (empty Item ID)

Level 4

Hello Community,

Get Next Item - an Action from the Work Queues native Blue Prism object always worked in a predicted way - usually without constraints, sometimes there was a timeout and then it crashed but the outcome was the same as the actual result.

However, last time we encounter a very strange issue that the output (Item ID) is empty even though the item is being locked by the process. As a final consequence, the bot assumes that nothing is locked, goes to the last steps of its workflow and when it finishes smoothly, Blue Prism issues the status of Automatically set exception on session end for the queue item.

Do you know what might be the reason? Can infrastructure / low performance have any influence on this weird behavior?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Pawel imolek,

Are you able to replicate this issue?. If so can you provide the steps?

Which version of blue prism you are encountered this issue?

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Harish Mogulluri

Level 4

Hello Harish Mogulluri,

No, unfortunately it happens from time to time in Production where I don't have full access. And it is hard to predict when it occurs.
In Development environment I can't reproduce this issue.

Blue Prism I am using is v. 7.1.2.

Thank you,