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Worksheet not found error

Level 4

Hi all, I'm re-engaging with my process where I have downloaded an Excel sheet from an online helpdesk ticket, and I want to put the contents on a worksheet in to a collection to check that all the necessary content is there.  Example of Excel data below:


I'm using the BPC - Object - Microsoft Excel (extended) VBO as the MS Excel VBO one threw an error about the handle.  And I am also using the extended version for other stages in the same process so I have continued with the extended VBO. 

I am encountering an error, that I can see on the 'Get Worksheet As Collection' page when I step through.


I can see that the worksheet name is in the data field, it's showing all the way through.  I have checked for spaces, and I have tested using the 'Get worksheet name' to see if this fixes it but the same error happens. 

I don't know why it can't see the worksheet if it's there all the way through.  I wonder if there is an issue with the Excel data format? Do merged cells affect how the data is captured and this is the problem?

Or is there something in the code? I can't decipher this myself...


Or if there is a better way of checking that content is there, please do let me know! If there's a way to check for empty cells? or that all cells in a specified range are filled? I don't need to check that the content is correct, just that there is something there...

Many thanks