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False truth in Font identification

Hi, CommunityCan anyone let me know to improve the performance of font identification function in Blue Prism or suggest another way for font identification?I've got the wrong result from the testing of font identification function of Blue Prism as sh...


Split Date from Datetime value

hi I need little help in splitting the date from datetime value. Previously I was doing like thisDatetime = 19/09/2022 17:44:17date = left(Datetime, 10)  = 19/09/2022Now this is not working as Datetime = 1/2/2023 17:44:17date = left(Datetime, 10)  = ...

Is Item in Queue

"Is item in queue" action in "work queues" object is case insensitive.  Is there any way to make it case sensitive as it gives false positive. I have 2 different MS Graph API messages id's where the difference is only in one digit. (See screenshot be...


Validate data in Excel from SAP

Hi,I would like to check a column (etc. Output device) in an excel collection to validate it from a collection in SAP. This process is to validate whether the output device column in excel was written correctly. It is like a data comparison between e...

Schedules not getting triggered

Hello All We recently upgraded to BP 7.1.1 environment. Post the upgrade, our scheduler hasn't been working as expected and we get the error - "Timed out waiting for all sessions to start". If we do a run now on the schedule, that works as expected. ...

Manual Verification Query

Can anyone answer this question please with using Decipher. If we have one Batch Type for Invoices but four Document types & four DFD's relating to these document types will Decipher select the correct document type & associated DFD to that document ...

Error launching Edge

Hello All,Ive created a BO to launch edge ive input the browser path and when i run the BO it opens up the browser and the url I input  - however straight after i then get the following error messageInternal : Failed to perform step 1 in Navigate Sta...

Resolved! Login agent failure

I am getting this error code on the login agent for windows: ERROR: Exception : 0xc000006d: The attempted logon is invalid. This is either due to a bad username or authentication information. However I have double checked and all the credentials are ...

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Get pdf file from soap webservice attachment

Hi Team,I am trying to get a pdf file using soap 1.2 webservices. when I am using the service in SOAP UI it works fine but when I am using a code stage to execute the webservice in Blue Prism it returns some unreadable data in text form. Foe eg- "%PD...

SV: [EXTERN-MASSMAIL]BP Installation package

Hi Steve, I can specify whar I mean with my question.   When we download software from a third part we want be sure that the packaget that is downloaded Is protected, in other words signed. The rationale for that is to be sure that the package not i...


Blue prism 6.10 compatibility

Hi all,Is blue prism 6.10 is compatible with 2019 windows server & 2022 SQL Server.Thanks.------------------------------Rama Krishna------------------------------