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how to use while loop in BP

how to use while loop in BP Please explain how to use while loop ------------------------------Ankit ShuklaRPA DeveloperArvius Software Pvt Ltd.Noida------------------------------

Resolved! Validation list with ODBC and Excel

Hi, I see in Batch types there is a setting called Validation lists which allows to use Odbc to connect to database. In my case I want to use Excel file.  I use following connection string:  Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xl...

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Resource Machine Renaming

Hi All, was wondering is there any method to renaming Resource machines besides changing the Machine name? (is there any particular version of BP that supports this)

Resolved! Upload File to SharePoint - Microsoft Graph - SharePoint

Hi there, I have use MS Graph SharePoint to upload file to SharePoint. Wonder what is "File Path" there? [please see the picture below] And, when I use MS Graph to upload file, the file is under Document , but not under General Folder . I  want to...

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Lily.L by Level 5
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Signature capture from PDF

Dear Community, Need your suggestion for below POC,   Requirement: Need to download PDF documents from one of the web application, after that we need to need to open one by one PDF documents and then crop the signature at bottom of the document and ...

Memory spike to 100% with Machine Learning on

Hello, we have witnessed that on some occasions a bottleneck is occurring when Machine Learning has been turned on for a week or more.   Are there recommended specs for the app server when ML is active?  We were aware that performance would be slight...

How to Pass Binary data in HTTP Body

Hi, I have to make an API call which accepts the body in binary format only, so i have converted the file to binary data item using the Load Binary File action but in the HTTP action its accepting only text. Is there any other way to send the binary ...

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Resolved! Consuming external public SOAP web service behind proxy

Hey,I am implementing a new flow in blueprism that needs to access an external SOAP service public on the internet. Unfortunately, our machines do not have a direct connection to the outside and we can only establish communications through an http pr...

Windows Explorer

Hi Team, I trust you are all well. I am looking for a suggestion on how I can refresh the windows task bar. I have a VPN solution that I run, and it seems to leave an instance in the task bar even if I kill the process. If I run the mouse over the ic...

Deafult process bot location BP

I am creating a bot in BP, now I want to transfer that bot to another server, but I don't know where the location is------------------------------Ankit ShuklaRPA DeveloperArvius Software Pvt Ltd.Noida------------------------------

Resolved! Blank pages in pdf files

Hello everyone, I need to create a bot for identify the blank pages in pdf file. any guidance on this. I need to check whether the pdf files having blank pages or not.------------------------------RAVINDRA GABUR------------------------------

Resolved! Warning there is currently 1 running process (Blue Prism)

I have a scheduled process that runs at 745am and runs again at 12pm via the control center.  First, it calls Login to login to the Windows system.  Next, it runs the process.  At the end of the process, I exit the application by using ALT-F4 keyboar...