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What the max action limit to have in an object?

Hi, Is anyone aware of max actions/pages that we can add in a single object?------------------------------If I was of assistance, please vote for it to be the "Best Answer".Thanks & Regards,Tejaskumar Darji -

How to use Shift+F10

I am try to use shift+f10 but getting error please help------------------------------Ankit Shukla------------------------------

Checking the downloading status of very large SAP reports

Hello! I am working on a process that involves exporting a finished background job in SAP as .txt. The problem: The reports that BP should download take hours to download and export due to the huge amount of data behind it. Once BP clicks on Save/Cre...

Creating Folders and moving files to Microsoft Team

Hi there, I have a question related to Microsoft Team. Can you guys please help me with these 2 questions: 1/ I need to use Blue Prism to create a folder in Microsoft Team (I think it's SharePoint).   2/ How can I use Blue Prism to move files to the...

Lily.L by Level 5
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