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IBM Watson Intregation

Hello All,Did anyone work with IMB Watson AP's?------------------------------Sai Abhishek KhandavalliRPA DeveloperMercedesUTC------------------------------

Spying Chrome with BP 6.4 does not work

Hello together,I got a suspicious behavior and don't know how to solve yet.When I spy a Page using Fire Fox it works fine and all is good.We have to use Chrome in the future so I tried the same using chrome.It works all fine until I try to highlight ...

Quick question - Time zone for scheduler?

When using the scheduler, is the date/time to use the same as the app server's local datetime settings?   I know the app server is responsible for managing the scheduler, but want to confirm because this is different from build operations, where date...

Enable the Data Gateways process in v6.5

Hi,I am setting up data gateways using BluePrism 6.5. I have configured following steps so far: installed the data gateways enginecreated data gateways SQL login and useradded data gateways credentialConfigured the Blue Prism Data Gateways settingsCr...

http request w/attachment

I'm working with an API endpoint that I can upload files to - likely word or pdf.  I'm trying to figure out how to do that with the Utility - HTTP object, using HTTP Request w/ Attachment.  The attachment data item is set to binary.  Do I really need...

automatec /getauthtoken /sso crash

As the subject says I am trying to generate a token for use with the resource pc commands.When using the command line like this:automatec /getauthtoken /ssoI get the following response:Error processing action: getauthtoken.System.NullReferenceExcepti...

mwulff by MVP
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lastest Date

Hello,   I have three dates, where I want to find which one of them is the lastest.  I would appreciate very much if you could help me solve it.    Date looks like this: 19.12.2018 06.10.2013 23.05.2018   BR  Zahib 

Excel VBO Compile Error

Hey guys,I am trying to use the Excel VBO, however, I am getting a compile error every time I try to use any of the actions.I opened the Excel VBO, this is the list of errors:I tried re-importing the VBO------------------------------Zdravko Botushano...

12142.png 12143.png

PDF FIle Read from Blueprism Object

Hello team,   My Requirement, We have to used the PDF file data to further other application process:-   1) Can we read the PDF data?? Except the Copy- Paste or Clipboard functionality. The reason behind that the PDF file is almost 17 pages. 2...

Does control room Status have an ID number

Hi there, I'm wondering if the Status (running, stopped, terminate etc) in control room has a designated ID number associated with it... I'm currently analysing the data from Blue Prism sessionlogs in elasticsearch and I'm receiving the StatusI...

Attach Issue

Hi All,   We are using Web application Secufex. While running in control room Attach application is not working.We have used Child Index 0. it is getting terminate because of attach issue. but sometime it is running fine. Kindly advice us how...