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Internet Explorer has stopped working pop up

Hi everyone, We automated web application, When Bot  is running  >50  work itemsin the Queue. Spordically  Internet is throwing error  like "Internet Explorer ha stopped working" pop up. We are not able to replicate in development or QA envir...

W7 JAB no longer working after recent windows update

We just got pushed KB4499164 this morning. In our environment, we're running JRE7u6 to work with an older version of Oracle. Since the update, we haven't been able to get JAB to register anything. AA still works just fine, and I can verify that BP i...

Automating Scheduler Update

Hey guys,   I have a scenario where I would need to add a Task on an active schedule periodically and on completion of the previous last task, I want the new task to be run. Is there a way to automatically do this? 

AutomateC.exe: ExportPackage

For our automatic deployment we use the Commandline tool AutomateC.exe with the parameter /exportpackage. We want to log the output-result (AutomateC is executed by our Releasing-Tool), but every time we redirect the standard-output, the AutomateC.e...

SQL Exception - Connection Timeout Expired

Hi all, We seem to be getting an issue with processes terminating and when checking the various event logs I am seeing this error: "System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Connection Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed while attempting to cons...

Connection Failed Message

When I run a process manually from the Control Room I get  a popup window with the following error. Error Message-" QuickHelp is unable to connect to the required files. Please make sure you have an Internet connection and try to connect again. If ...

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Object Import via Command Line fails

Hi, any idea why I'm getting "Error: failed to create process - Failed to create the new business object because an object with the name '' already exists. Last modified by '' on 15.05.2019 17:19:32" when importing via Command Line interface althoug...

HTTP GET with SSO authentication

Hi, I am trying to use HTTP GET to run the Proclist command on localhost:8181, which is connected to the Database via an Application Server authenticating with SSO. The usual way for a localhost and localdb would be to run the User Name command, fo...