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Adding Time Stamp

Hi, Everyone  Seeking for your help I was trying to get yesterday's date together with timestamp but seems the below format I have use is not working because I got 120000 Ann------------------------------Ann Fajardo------------------------------


7.2.1 Chrome Invoke Javascript submitcommand

Hello, I've never dabbled in the invoke javascript navigate action.If the webpage has a element with the action --javascript:submitcommand('VIEW_ALL','EXCEL_VIEW') How do I automate to run this script ?Thank You !

Drag and Drop Action Failed

Hi there, We use the standard BP drag and drop action in one of our objects.  Occasionally (once every couple hundred attempts) it gets stuck on drag.  If I notice this, I connect to the robot, nudge the mouse, and it continues.  A few days ago, it ...

Change Decipher IDP temporary storage

Hi all,We have a Decipher Multi-Server installation. We are observing that, in the server where Decipher Automated Clients is installed, some temporary files are being stored in C:/Windows/Temp folder. Thus, the disk is reaching its maximum storage s...

Interact forms

Hi comunity!!I am trying to make an upload from a form from Interact to a work queue in blue prism, all good until this point but the item is not reflected in the work queue, when I try to approve it sends me this message: “ Submission failed to reac...

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Resolved! Unable to match any windows with the query terms

Hi Guys,I'm currently taking the Blue Prism Foundation Training. In the Section 5, where I need to open and close a notepad, it seems like it doesn't take the action of writing the notes in the Notepad. I kept on getting below error."Internal : Faile...

margom by Level 3
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Slow Java Automation

Has anyone observed any performance issues with older versions of either the JRE or Java Access Bridge (JAB)? I'm automating a Java app that runs on JRE 1.5 and using Java Access Bridge 2.0.2. Any kind of statistics or metrics (even anecdotal) compar...

V2.3 - CSV auto export

Hi team, Auto-export of CSV was working in 2.2 and somehow after upgrade to 2.3 our batches are getting stuck on the stage - "Verify performed - ready for Export". Also, the items were auto-populated in Decipher Queue but looks like in the new VBO us...

MS Edge robots are suddenly extremely slow

Hi,We have been experiencing a big issue with our robots running on Microsoft Edge. Initially, all robots were operating smoothly, but recently, the time taken to handle tasks has increased significantly.For example, the usual time to locate an eleme...

Resolved! Interact Forms is disable

Hello, I have a problem with Interact because when I enter HUB and go to Forms, the Create Form option is not active and neither is the Import form option, could it be that I am missing some configuration, is it about the license or what is the reaso...


Resolved! Problem with implementing ClosedXml In blueprism

Hello Guys,We are trying to avoid the use of VBA's and conventional blue prism actions to process excel. We want to use the closedXML. I download the nuget package on visual studio and perfromed a simple read excel to datatabel and it worked. the pro...

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okud by Level 3
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