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Pingid Authentication

Does Blueprism directly support Pingid authentication. Is there any reference material around the same. Looking to authenticate the user for access Sharepoint online using pinged authentication.

Mainframe problem with usin mnemonics

Hi. I have a problem with Reflection 16 desktop mainframe client. I use .NET API.  I try to send enter with Global Send Key and text is "@E". It wont press enter. Only writes @E to the emulator. What I'm doing wrong? I have also tried , {ENTER}, etc...

Process stopped by no user

Hello. I have several Runtimes running in production and two Application Servers balanced in order to have high disponibility. Two days ago the database was in maintenance and the service was cut two times by a few minutes. After that the App Server...

Issue Identifying the Sonic Elements (Text )

Hi Team We are facing an issue Identifying the text box to read or get the values entered in it. We could able to identify the text box only in Accessibility mode as we couldn€™t identify through them in HTML mode. But while highlighting the same ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How to share application modeller?

Hi I have to use one object AM in other object i tired share application model option in application wizard configuration but i am not getting the object names in the dropdown. It would be a great help if any one can answer it. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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to maximize sap window

my object vbo launches a sap window>>enter sap credentials>> a new sap window opens but not in a maximized mode>> i want to maximize it without using send keys. * i tried spying the sap window in win32 mode and then in the navigation stage i used ma...

Issues encountered

My block stage on the process can't catch up an exception thrown at object layer. Sometimes works and sometimes, the bubbling doesn't work.   Any idea? I'm running the process using queues.   BR!

Data Sheets

I'm unable to locate the data sheets on the BP Portal since the website update. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

WesGrey by Level 3
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Insert multiple cells with the option shift cells down

I want to Insert multiple cells with the option shift cells down For example, there is data in the excel, the cursor is currently at A422, if I want to Insert 25 cells, and move the data in A423 down, what parameter should I use to "Insert" cells an...

How to add excel sheet columns

Hi , In my excel sheet more than 100 columns available, based on the date add the columns ,for example  Input data                                                out put Data Date                 Sum                          Date           Sum 1/...