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recover job

Level 3

I was using the same BP profile on 2 computers, on one I had saved the BO after working on it. Not in the other, and now I've lost all my work, how do I get it back?


To my knowledge if the two instances of blue prism opened and  the same object is opened in  two computers  then i think one instance would be in view and other instance would be editable. 

Do you see different behavior other than what i mentioned? or do I misunderstood the question?

If it  different behavior then I would be interested to know if some one observed  differently.

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Harish Mogulluri


Hi @lulis , if the same process was open on both machines, surely only one was in lock and the other was only in read mode as @harish.mogulluri  mentioned..

The only way to "not lose" what was done at the process level, in my knowledge, is that if in the instance where the lock was lost you export the process as it is, you can reimport it with the entire development that was done, but if Process Studio was closed, I don't know of any way to recover it.

Sr Cons at Avanade Brazil