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It would be great if we have an alert mechanism, where bot couldn't start the process due to some bot connection issue/bot lost/other issues. In such scenarios, we don't have any alert mechanism now, which informs about it.
Taking advantage of this line of reasoning, I believe that we could have a warning automation mechanism in warning too, maybe an SMTP system that warns by email maybe that automation has been in warning for a long time.
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Hi Keerthana,

It would be great if Blue Prism provides that but;

There are some workarounds to monitor your resource PCs.

1- Monitor IPs and ports with your company's monitoring tools. When there is an issue, the tool automatically triggers an ITSM ticket.
2- Blue Prism writes all logs of warnings, infos and errors to Windows Event Viewer. An alert mechanism can be build in Event Viewer.
3- (Not recommended) Listen BPAResources table in Blue Prism database and send alert.
4- There is an open source tool in GitHub. I guess it is developed by Blue Prism team. (not sure). You may want to take a look at this.
Hi @KeerthanaJegan1,

There are 2 solutions on the DX I'd suggest you take a look at:

Dynamic Resource Manager
Resource PC Monitor

The DRM is a much broader solution for managing runtime resources and schedule adherence, but it also includes the capability to add logic to notify an administrator of issues. You could perform that notification in any number of ways (ex. send and SMS using the Twilio skill).

The Resource PC Monitor is a simple service that will check in periodically with configured runtime resources to see if they are reachable on the network (basically a ping). If a resource fails to respond to 2 requests in a row, a notification is sent via email. I believe there's an option being added now to support SMS too.

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Thanks a lot @TahaSonmez for the information. I appreciate it. ​
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Yeah @EmersonF. I agree. Warning alert would be great too.​
Level 4
Thanks a lot @ewilson. I went through the documentation and this is exactly what I am looking for. 

I haven't heard about Twilio but I will do my research on it and will set it up.