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We should consider raising this display/resolution issue with the development team, as it has been observed by numerous users. Ideally, software should be capable of adjusting to users' display settings without requiring them to change display settings on their machine.



+1 on this.

It should be responsive at a certain level, even with the proper resolution sometimes the elements looks off a little bit.


Yeah, it is a known issue with our installer and the GUI for Blue Prism. You can post a suggestion to be fixed in the future. Please visit the Product Ideas website (LINK HERE).

Hello TejaskumarDarji

Thank you for contacting Blue Prism Community.

When the buttons are missing, controls are overlapping, or text is not visible in Blue Prism screen interfaces because the DPI is not set to 100% in the Windows OS display setting.

It is recommended to set 100%DPI (dots-per-inch)

Please refer to the below KB for more details:

Why are buttons missing, controls overlapping, or text not visible in Blue Prism Enterprise interfaces?

Best regards
Hossein Azimi
Customere Suport team member APJ