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Level 4
Status: New
Currently, an element spied with Browser Mode has a "Get Bounds" option in the data you can read via a Read stage. The coordinates returned seem to be relative to the parent element of the element spied, not relative to the Internet window or to the Windows screen. This is not helpful information. It would be helpful if we had a "Get Screen Bounds" option to read (like the option available with an element spied in UI mode).

I have a website where I need to click a dropdown menu to display the dropdown options. Using "Click" in a Navigate stage with the Browser Mode-spied element doesn't open the dropdown menu, so I need to initiate a Global Mouse Click instead. However, I can't initiate a Global Mouse Click without providing the coordinates to click. I can't determine the coordinates to click without reading useful element bounds from the Browser Mode-spied element. Hence, my recommendation for more useful bounds data.