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The level of success a company will have from an RPA investment is very much dependent on how the bots are deployed. If the creation and delivery of bots is slow, error prone and unreliable, it will not be possible to harness the potential of Blueprism Capabilities here

We have tried couple of POCs to achieve real benefits of CICD for RPA but could not get expected outcomes and solution was additional overhead

Possible CICD Implementation we tried :

1. Using Jenkins and GitHub (As mentioned DX Document)

2. Using Azure Pipelines and Azure Reports (Azure DevOps)

3. Creating Blueprism Bot itself for Pipeline and SharePoint as Repository

Blueprism should find inbuild better solution to achieve CICD for RPA beneficial making release management more flexible (eg. by allowing package creation outside BP using AutomateC command)

My Linkedin post for getting inputs from industry: