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Level 4
Status: New
add append for different data types, current there is only text and number, I think this should be expanded to all possible data types.

Also a sort the collection fields, to put them into specific orders etc. 

These would be very handy and are simply additions
Level 8

If you want to append columns with the other data types to an existing collection and you don't need default values (an option in the two existing actions), you can create a blank collection containing just the fields you want appended defined with their data types. Run your existing collection (Collection 1) and your append fields collection (Collection 2)  through the "Merge Collection" action in Blue Prism's "Utility - Collection Manipulation" VBO. Your output will be a collection (Collection 3) which contains all the rows and data of your original collection and has all the fields you appended with blank values.
Level 4

Thanks, I'm aware of that, but it requires hard-coding the names into a static collection, it doesn't provide flexibility, and if a change happens in the process then a change is required pulling a process out of production. I already use what I am proposing, and thought that it would come in handy if it was part of the main VBO that comes with BP.

It allows the use of a control sheet and if column names change and would impact data types then it would be part of a solution that would not impact prod, just a simple update on the control sheet that the business maintain.