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Status: New
Problem: Per the Blue Prism documentation, Auto Archiving "causes a registered, running resource to check periodically throughout the day for any session logs that ended before a specified date/time and archive/delete them if such are found". My team has found that when very large sessions logs are being archived, it taxes our database and negatively impacts the performance of our automated sessions actively trying to run. The stress on the database can be so large that it seizes our servers and even takes down the entire environment. As a workaround, we identify large session logs and manually archive them before the auto archiving process gets to them. This is tedious and not ideal.

Solution Idea: Alternatively, it would be great if Blue Prism added a way to configure Auto Archiving so it only runs during specified hours instead of checking "periodically throughout the day". If this were an option, we would set our archiving to happen outside of business hours so our database would not get so stressed.
Level 12

Good idea!

But have you ever taken that time to review the logs and see what it is that is actually in those logs?
At my place of work, we run a pre-deployment script that switches off logging on most actions but for a small selection that is deemed important. This does reduce logging significantly, while still offering enough to be able to trouble shoot production runs.

Level 4
Hi Paul,

Excellent point. Yes, we know what causes the huge session logs and it is not just a normal-running process. If there is a communication disruption across our server infrastructure, it can send a running session into an infinite error loop, which quickly causes the huge log sizes. While we are taking measures to upgrade our software and infrastructure to minimize disruptions like this, we cannot fully remove the risk of disruptions happening. Even if we only have one large session log in a given week, when the auto-archive process tries to archive it during business hours, we've seen our database freeze up. Auto-archiving has worked fine for us otherwise when just archiving normal-sized logs from our running sessions.