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Level 8

In the latest version of Blue Prism, the standard VBO will no longer be included with the installer, but will be downloaded by each user from the DX.
A search for "Blue Prism Enterprise - Core" now shows 26 VBOs. Downloading them one by one is complicated, and there is a high possibility of errors such as missing downloads.
Please change the DX specifications so that downloading and bookmarking can be done for all Core VBOs at once.


And while at it, why not extend it to all assets.. Basically a feature in DX to select one or more assets, and download them ALL in one go (one release file) instead of one-by-one.  

I posted a similar idea where all that are on MitsukoKurata's idea, could be manage directly using BluePrism and having -on DX Tab- all the core objects to be downloaded at once to keep everything up to date. I know that is a little ambitious but it would be really cool.