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Level 3
Status: New

Once a new process has been created with its objects and it is then being set up to go live; the next steps feel fiddly.

My idea is to allow the schedule, credentials, queue, resource management to be managed within the process (once you click Publish – these steps then follow) to either manage directly from the process or to be able to get to the relevant area from the process to easily set up and link together.

There should be steps or actions in the process layer to build the schedule and queue. Once you 'Publish' the process it would then automatically create the schedule and queue. But keeping the option to create and delete queues and schedule manually.

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Level 12

Hi Mandy,

While that proposal might be sound handy in smaller shops where the developer does everything, larger shops would definitely not appreciate it.

Larger shops tend to have restrictions on Segregation of Duties (SOD) where different folks each are responsible for only part of the steps you mention.

The idea behind SOD is that a developer would not have access rights to the production environment and the Business has no business in the development environment. 

Happy coding!