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Level 3
Status: New
Ever had to guarantee to Audit that every stage executed is logged so anyone could trace what the robot executed in case of incidents? We know that developers can edit code to not log stages and execute it on debug mode without saving and nothing will be registered, neither the changes in the code, nor the stages executed in debug mode... So... how to justify this? We wouldn't need if we had a configuration for that!

It would be great to be able to overwrite any configuration of Stage Logging (code or resource) on an Environment/Instance level. This shouldn't be difficult to implement either.

The benefit would be to guarantee stage logging in sensitive environments where every execution of stages needs to be registered for Audit and regulative institutes purposes.
Level 12
We currently do this using Excel with VB scripting on the release XML. But hey, I don't mind a button in BP as it will save me work.

Ideally, this setting would allow us to go either value, Enabled, Disabled or No Logging.
Level 3

That is a nice solution to change the stage logging on big scale... we also use similar solution by replacing the XML texts.

Although, the tricky part here is not after the code is saved and you can export it as XML... the tricky part here is that my Audit wants us to be able to see everything, but we can't if developer disables logging and executes in debug mode.