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Level 5
When closing Process Studio or Object Studio, you are prompted to add a change description and save your changes. Sometimes, it's hard to remember what you've changed - or whether you even want to save those changes at all. I would love you to add a "show changes" button to this dialog box, so I can see the differences between the saved version and the version I'm closing. This would not only help me to describe the changes I've made, but also allow me to avoid saving changes that were just made while experimenting.
Level 5
Maybe a button next to save to bring up the compare window could be an easy implementation of this idea
Level 4
Amazing idea! No more "wip" notes because I've forgotten what I did.
Level 6
Additionally, why even have a new save if there are no differences. It makes no sense to me. Lots of times I compare saves and they have no differences.
Community Team
Community Team
Hi Andrew, 

Thanks for submitting your idea, the team really like it and think it will be a very useful feature. I’ve updated the status to Under Consideration and you will see updates here as it progresses through the process.

Best Regards,


Level 3

This is something I had always wished whenever I forget while saving the changes. This will be a really helpful feature.