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Level 5
Status: Delivered

Currently spying elements often produce several ticked attributes that are empty. As UIA Integration document describes, "for most applications the following can be unticked" the list being:

  • any elements with a blank value
  • all "parent" attributes unless required to make the element a unique match
  • the 'Visible' and 'Enabled' attributes usually have no impact if left ticked or unticked, so can often be unticked

As a "quality of life" enhancement, I'd like to see an option - or set of options - that automatically removes tick from any attribute that would otherwise be ticked by the spying tool, when matches the criteria of the list above.

When spying through the large application, ticking manually especially the unneeded empty elements gets annoying.


Hi there, 

I'm glad to inform you that, we are working on automatically optimising these attributes based on fit and re-ID performance and are planning to give users the ability to change default attributes per spy mode, so they don't have to manually change the criteria on every spying instance.

This is currently in scope for the new Application Modeller planned for release as part of Blue Prism v7.3.



Hello @MikkoKamppila,

In December 2023 we released Blue Prism Enterprise 7.3 to the market which includes the first version of our new Enhanced Application Modeller.

Within the EAM, two new capabilities have been introduced that I believe will help to meet the needs of this idea:

  • Custom attribute sets - this allows users to create a custom set of matching attributes to use per spy mode, which will allow users to deselect certain attributes that are not very effective for application modelling; and
  • Automatic spy mode/smart element selection - a new spy mode has been created that will attempt to automatically select appropriate attributes for a given selected element. This will automatically avoid the selection of any blank attributes.

As a result of these enhancements, I'm going to mark this idea as Delivered. Let me know if you have any questions!