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👉Blue Prism Documentation Spotlight-Next Generation documentation


Welcome to the Blue Prism Documentation Spotlight, where we feature the comprehensive documentation resources available for our Blue Prism products.

Every month, we'll explore different sections of our documentation, highlighting key areas that can help you optimize your use of Blue Prism and stay ahead in the world of intelligent automation.

This month's feature is Next Generation documentation

In March 2024, SS&C Blue Prism unveiled its latest innovation: the Next Generation SaaS platform.

To boost user experience with Next Generation, we launched an extensive help system. It provides a wealth of resources for effective platform use, including release notes, a change log for update clarity, an admin support section, and detailed guidance on leveraging all platform components and features. It also offers extensive advice on how to make the most of all the components and features of Next Generation.

Users can access the help system directly through the Next Generation user interface, or they can visit our home page via the following link:



Brenda Weschke Educations Services Operations Specialist BluePrism