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Blue Prism University: Blue Prism® Advanced Work Queues: Final Test

Level 3
Hi! I tried taking this test many times! I'm sure my answers are correct. However, I get only 75% (3 out of 5 questions). Please help me to understand what I'm doing wrong. Thanks!

Level 11
Hi @LizHeibel

I try to summarise all the questions:

Q1: When we talk about tags, we should see it as a "possible extra configuration". It is usual that in the same queue we have different types of Items. If for example in our queue we store customer and supplier invoices and we need different processes to work with them, we can add a tag to indicate which "type of work" it is and in the processes filter by a specific type. Also, if your process have different ways to be completed, you can put the completed type here. 

Q2: You can choose individually if you want to Encrypt or not the Queue. In the system tab exists a check to perform this.

Q3: It's important to know and understand the processes templates that Blue Prism give us to make it easier the support and work with.

Q4: When we talk about defered we have to see it as a "later I'll do it later". If for example we have some kind of retry system in our queue, or we have to wait for something external to the queue item to happen, it's good to have a delay time. This can range from a couple of minutes to days.

Q5: When we want to stop a session or start a new one from the control room, we need to know which process is working with the Queue and which resource use the Queue.

Hope this clarify your questions. And if this helps you, remember mark this as the best answer 😄

See you in the community, bye 🙂

Level 4
Q1. --> All Except Tag
Q2. --> Individual que can be encrypted or decrypted.
Q3. -->  Option 3
Q4. -->  Option 1 and Option 3
Q5 -->  Option 1 and Option 2

Level 3
Thank you @PabloSarabia and @AmolJangam! I now understand what I missed. ​​