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Excel Error

Level 3

I am doing a excel operation in a process. Process is running on other bots properly, but few bots are showing this error while copying and pasting data from one excel to other. 

Exception : Failed to copy worksheet: Invalid index. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8002000B (DISP_E_BADINDEX))



Check if the DLL is present. Also, try to copy some other workbook and worksheet to figure out root cause




Dear @Jitendra_Saroj 

Could you please confirm if this issue has occurred recently with other bots? Are these other bots newly implemented?

If the process was running smoothly on the bots that are now encountering the Excel error, I would suggest reinstalling the Excel application on those specific bots. After reinstalling, try running the process again to see if the issue persists.

Tried with repair excel but did not work. 

Dear @Jitendra_Saroj 

are you getting this error while running from control room?

If possible, could you please jump into the machine while running from control and see if there is something blocking, or any pop ups are there appeared?

I've had this error come up a few times and its usually due to something within the copy you are trying to do e.g. The cells you are trying paste into have data already, the number of cells you are pasting in are greater than the number of blank cells available etc. I've even had this when the cells already appear to be blank but excel considers they contain information. Can you share some info on what you are doing during the copy and paste action such as range you are copying, cells you're pasting into, maybe some screens of the inputs for the action you're performing as well.

Also try stepping through the action and check if the cells contain any data first and if so then delete it and try the copy, paste action. If they appear blank and you get this error then select all the cells and delete them to make sure theyre clear and then try the paste action again.

No, in debug mode and control room both, no pop appeared

yes, but its running on other bots with same data