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Is BP University down?

Hi team,

Are you able to login to BPU. I'm keep getting below error tried on different browsers but getting same error.

Portal and Community seem to be working fine.

Note: Not able to upload the image here as community is throwing error "You have reached your upload limit of 1,000 images?"



working fine for me. able to open the courses as well. Clear your cache and history once and try.




Did clear cache n all but still same.


Hello Tejas,

Are you getting "Internal Server error" ? if yes then reach out to @bweschke to get it resolved.

Yes right, I'm getting Internal Server Error. Ok, let me reach out. Thanks.

Is this a known error @bweschke can you help how to fix it.

@Tejaskumar_Darji please send me you email address via a private message and I will look at your account.

Brenda Weschke Educations Services Operations Specialist BluePrism