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Problem with reading result

Level 3

Hello I've got the problem with reading the result. Because I created a loop where I have an excel input file with dates, like you see I get into the InputCollection in Blueprism and it's fine to the moment of read result, because that is a circle around one row, and still update. I created Output collection to store generated dates from the "Fakenamegenerator" site, but like I said it is a circle around one row, what I should do to save all 8 rows with dates in my collection or what is the best option, to save all generated dates ? as a picture below you can see my process diagram and pictures In object studio with read the result.  Zrzut ekranu (613).pngZrzut ekranu (614).pngZrzut ekranu (616).pngZrzut ekranu (617).png


Hello @jacobitwaco ,
What is the output  of the read result , is it text or collection?
Are you initializing  result or output collection as 8 rows before BOT reads the data?
If the read the result action is depends on the date from the excel file then I would loop each item in a row from process and  pass the date to the action and  "Read the result"  action as text  value

If  you are expecting all the rows from the website, Then It would be helpful to describe how the website looks like  whether it  is table and how you are able to spy it.

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Harish Mogulluri

Looking back the screenshots  I realised Instead of initializing the Out put collection as 8 rows  try to   use add rows and dynamically add rows and update the value one row at a time

For example, if you loop first row from  input collection  then add all the values from the site to the first row  once all the data is updated in the out put collection "add  row" action for the second row in (collection VBO and loop) similarly use this logic to loop all the rows in the input collection until all the rows are updated.

Below out lined the actions
Out put collection ( only add fields) and dont initialize rows
then in the first loop
1)  using Action "Add rows" in teh collection VBO  - Add rows in teh collection and update all the relevant values to the out put collection

This will add rows dynamically and the values will be updated dynamically

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Harish Mogulluri

Could I send you my current Object and Process for your e-mail? It would give you a better overview of how It works at that moment. The best option for me would be to save all updated dates In the collection (the best option save it in the output Excel file). I have no idea how to make it. Maybe you initialize some changes and I will see how It should be, then I could understand it. I will be grateful.

Hi @jacobitwaco - as long as there's no sensitive information within, you should be able to attach a bprelease file to this discussion as long as it's under 5MB. Just click this button when you write a reply:



I dont know, I try to find this button and I can't. After clicking reply, I try to drop the file to this message field and It doesn't work. I've got a window as in the picture below.Zrzut ekranu (618).png