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Unable to launch Event Viewer with Blue Prism

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Hi Team,

I want to launch "Event Viewer" through window application modeler. But I am getting an error "Internal exception: Failed to launch" .
I tried not only with launching option, I also tried attach option in application wizard, still it is failed to launch or attach the application.

Can anyone suggest me a way for it??

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Mikky

You are most likely facing this issue as your Blue Prism Interactive Client does not have the admin privileges to access​ Event Viewer application as it needs administration privileges. I would suggest open your Blue Prism IC with 'Run As Administrator' privileges as shown below:


Now, I tested couple of times and seems like the best approach to launch event viewer is not from Application Modeller as it is not able to attach properly, hence you can launch the event viewer application using the 'Start Process' action present in the 'Utility - Environment' VBO with the following application file path:



Now, coming to the custom business object configure your application modeller to treat it as a 'Windows Application' and 'My application will already be running - I want to attach to an existing instance' as shown below:

Provide the window title as 'Event Viewer' and the application path as we have given in the above step. Leave the rest of the parameters shown in next screens with default values:


Now, you should be able to attach to the application as shown below:

36779.pngNow I am able to spy any element on the application as shown below:



Once, you build the business object you can call the actions from this object after the Start Process action in your workflow in the process studio which I showed you earlier and test it completely,

Hope it helps you out and if my solution resolves your query, then please mark it as the 'Best Answer' so that the others members in the community having similar problem statement can track the answer easily in future

Devneet Mohanty
Intelligent Process Automation Consultant | Sr. Consultant - Automation Developer,
WonderBotz India Pvt. Ltd.
Blue Prism Community MVP | Blue Prism 7x Certified Professional


Hope this helps you out and if so, please mark the current thread as the 'Answer', so others can refer to the same for reference in future.
Devneet Mohanty,
SS&C Blueprism Community MVP 2024,
Automation Architect,
Wonderbotz India Pvt. Ltd.