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Community Upgrade: Feedback

Community Team
Community Team

Welcome to our new-look community website!

We've worked in Community management, web design and IT long enough to know that every one uses technology slightly differently, and that sometimes the odd piece of code doesn't run quite as it should.

If you spot any bugs or errors, glitches, strange messages or behaviors, then please post them in the this thread, and the team will investigate.

We've built this website with the future in mind - there's a whole load of updates and connections that we have planned in days, weeks and months to come.

Therefore, if you have any ideas for community improvements - please pop them in the new Community Suggestions area.




The new UI looks absolutely amazing... just a suggestion of the Like, Escalate & Reply buttons could be a bit smaller as they seem to seeking total attention on the screen than the issue posted on community.

Shreya Satish Udagave Technical Architect | Associate Consultant Northern Trust Operating Services, Pune Email- [EmailAddress]

Yes I mean it is better to show Username instead of user id. Firtname Lastname instead of showing IDs

How can we see threads that are unanswered and seeking attention? In the old version, there was a quick button on the homepage to see all threads which have 0 responses.

Community Team
Community Team

@Tejaskumar_Darji @ewilson @Denis__Dennehy 

I'm pleased to confirm we've added a view of unanswered posts in yesterday's update. You can find out more in our update blog.

Also, we had all-time contribution points and a leaderboard in the old version which is missing in the new version.


There doesn't appear to be the ability to edit a message/response after it's been posted. Is that accurate? If so, can that capability be added?


there is option to edit the reply @ewilson it came on right hand side of your post.



@ewilson wrote:

There doesn't appear to be the ability to edit a message/response after it's been posted. Is that accurate? If so, can that capability be added?

@ewilson It's there for other users but not for you (!) and I'm investigating why. Stand by!


@Michael_S I knew you guys didn't like me! 🙂

@ewilson - figured it out. To prevent what we call "thread necromancy", we have an edit timer in place. This allows you to edit posts for 5 minutes after they have been posted. Once that timer runs out, you can no longer edit. 

This is a safety feature, since a common approach that scammers take in forums is to create a completely reasonable post that bypasses moderation and then later edit that post with off-topic commercial information or other objectionable content.

There's 2 things we're going to do:

  • As a temporary measure, we're going to increase this timer to 60 minutes, giving you 1 hour to correct any errors or update information in posts. This impacts all users and is in effect now.
  • As a long term measure, we're going to create a trust system whereby users (like yourself) who we know (and like 🤣) can edit posts indefinitely. This is going to take a bit of tweaking to get right, so bear with us whilst we do the math.

In the meantime, if there are any posts which are more than an hour old which you would like to make edits to, drop me a PM and I'll get it sorted for you.