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Hello, i have a collection that does not reset its Value when i test the Process: I just dont get why, i have BP Version 7.1.0
Hello together,  i just asked myself, how do i work properly in Excel. I mean, i can get the worksheet as an collection, which is i think faster, but the Collection VBO is missing some things, wich the Excel VBO has. If i get a worksheet as collecti...
Hello together, the questions seems to be pretty basic but i try to access to a File from a sharepoint and i am getting a little bit desperate.As i know, there are 4 ways to access a Sharepoint. 1.) Work with the GUI, which is in my opinion really b...
Hello together, currently i have a really annoying problem, that i cant fix by myself. I am working with Excelfiles from a shaerpoint and to work with them, i mapped the SharePoint to my Desktop. I copy the original File to a tempfolder, insert the ...
Hello,currently i am facing the problem, that when in get values from an Excel as collection and insert it back, the Excelsheet loses all Formulas, which would be normally there in the cells. Is there any way to preserve the Formulas or do i need to ...
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