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Dear All,Could you please help where is the problem if in Azure environment in Blue Prism control room the resource is disconnected even if the listener is connected and started.thank you. 
Hi, I am trying to add image to the Outlook HTML email body but it always appears like a red cross. Anyone has any solution for this?Thank you. <html><body><p>Test</p><img src='data&colon;image/jpg;charset=utf-8;base64,QzpcT0cwMDFfRGFpbHkgU2FsZXMgUmV...
Dear All, I use MS Edge (122.0.2365.92) and Blue Prism version 7.3 When I use the insert and invoke actions to run JavaScript it is not working at all. Is anybody experience the same behavior? Thank you.  
Hi All, There is a strange behavior in the Blue Prism MS Excel VBO Object. In some cases the Open Workbook action OUT Workbook Name parameter changes the original file name: From _Rebate --> _rebate   Please help what could cause this issue.
Hi All, During the business process I need to read value from a 1 row collection and based on the criteria I always need to read different column.I dynamically generate the column name I need to use:  This calculation gives back the correct expressi...
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