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Guilherme Morandini: Community Member of the month - April

By Grace Lanser posted 17 days ago


We are excited to announce our Community member of the month for April @Guilherme Morandini

Guilherme has always been a keen learner and joined a Brazilian robotics team aged 15. He has since applied himself in RPA and is now a RPA consultant at Avanade Brazil where Guilherme aims to be prepared for the challenges that the market may present by insuring he is always developing. 

We have seen a significant rise in Guilherme's Community engagement. In April Guilherme earned an impressive 6 Community Coins and has also contributed to many areas of the Community including volunteering his expertise in our Development Volunteer Community. Guilherme has show a willingness to help the Community so I am delighted we are able to celebrate him!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how did you start in RPA / Blue Prism?

My name is Guilherme Araujo Morandini, I'm 24 years old, I'm from São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil.

 I'm a Mechatronics Engineer and I've worked in robotics since I was 15 years old as a member of the Brazilian robotics team "FRC TEAM 1382". I had my first contact with RPA five years ago. I resonate with Blue Prism as it's an automation tool based on flowcharts. Coming from the engineering area, I really like flowcharts. Blue Prism continues to be my faithful working partner, always taking care of all the necessary functions within a project and the community always helping to solve problems and increase knowledge by sharing experiences.

Most interesting automation using Blue Prism? / Best tip you have learnt for Blue Prism?

The most interesting automation that I was part of the development team was the Triagem project by Vivo (Telefonica) due to the number of applications involved,
the high monthly volume, high number of business rules and high complexity involving integration with API's and execution of processes in multiple
instances. One of the best tips is to work with high-volume data sheets using queries referring to database treatments, this tip makes it easier
very large-scale processing.

You clearly know your stuff - why do you come to the Community everyday?

Maintaining a high knowledge of Blue Prism. People in the Community often present very good ideas and new discoveries, there is always the possibility to learn new skills and improve skills already learned. I like to go to the community every day trying to answer questions and participate in communities helping and also learning together with the members, the community is the crown jewel, very important to have this integration between the teams of the world.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

A curious fact about me is that my father is Argentine and my mother is Brazilian, I am passionate and grew up participating in both cultures, I believe that this exchange of knowledge between cultures is one of the most important movements that we can have in the world, learning the customs and history of each one of them.

What automation have you been involved with that you’re most proud of?

 I've been involved in several automation projects, but you always have favourites right? I really like an automation that I developed by integrating a third-party OCR reader application containing several file models to be interpreted, currently Blue Prism has Decipher which is a very efficient solution for this type of project, I particularly like Decipher a lot. Another project that I am proud to have been a part of is Vivo's Triagem (Telefonica), it was a very challenging project that generated extremely positive results.

What's your favourite use case?

My favourite use case is when we are able to implement a complete digital transformation within a company, explaining the whole concept of RPA, the benefits it can generate,
the adaptations that must be made and how to make this transformation in practice. It's very satisfying when we can implement a project and improve the workflow
throughout a whole company.

If you could change one thing about Blue Prism what would it be?

I wouldn't say change it, but add the screen step recording function inside the Blue Prism object, this function would help developers a lot. Also the creation of graphics based on the business rules defined in the process and their volume within the work queues.

Tell us about a current hobby.

I love playing video games, I really like watching series and movies and I'm passionate about football. My favourite club is Palmeiras.

What would you most like to automate that you haven’t been able to yet?

 I would like to create a system that would help all small business entrepreneurs to have an application that could organize their stock, show the gross and net balance of the monthly trade, among other functions. With this application, I would be able to help entrepreneurs to have an organized enterprise and in this way the growth and development would be faster.

Do you have names for all your digital workers?

The names are defined according to alignment within the project and following the best practices indicated, but for my particular digital workers I like to call them super hero names or some old comics, like the Megazord from power rangers lol.

What do you love most about the Community?

What I love most about the community is the spirit of helping others even without knowing who the person is. The community is always willing to help everyone who has any problems or doubts from the simplest possible to the most complex cases.



8 days ago

Congratulations @Guilherme Morandini!!

15 days ago

Congratulations @Guilherme Morandini

15 days ago

Congratulations @Guilherme Morandini

16 days ago

Congratulation @Guilherme Morandini. It is nice knowing you and thanks for your contribution :) We all learn from each other :)​

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