A week in the life of a Blue Prism Customer Success Director: Introduction to my blog-series

By Susanna Berg posted 12-09-2021 15:14


Welcome to my blog series!

My role at Blue Prism

I work as Customer Success Director (CSD) for Blue Prism in the Nordics where I work with many customers who are successful in their automation journeys. I also have a great network of automation specialists inside Blue Prism.

Why a blog-series?

Many years ago, when blogging became popular, I had tons of ideas on topics that I could write about. Most of them were about sharing things from my personal life. Things like work/life balance, home-cooking, starting new forms of exercise (and stopping). Would have been boring reads honestly, so luckily it never happened.

Now the time is here, 19 years later and I finally have a topic that I think will interest a lot of people. Intelligent Automation, or a Digital Workforce, or Hyper-automation, or whatever You like to call it.

What's next?

I will share reflections, stories, and facts from my work as a CSD. The content can come from great ideas from customers, discussions with colleagues or reflections on things I read or listen to. Ideally, You as readers will contribute by posting comments, reflections or questions and we can have a dialogue on topics that interests You.

We have been collecting some data from our customers on how they are succeeding in their automation journeys. Our ambition is to be able to produce Benchmarking data so our customers can see what good looks like. My favorite KPI is “Percentage of work in the organization that is executed by Digital Workers”. We calculate it by dividing “hours back to business” with “number of employees”. Our by far most successful customer is at + 20%, meaning that more than 20% of all work done in their organization is done by the Digital Workforce. I think that is a great achievement, and a great KPI to have as a “North Star” for any organization working with automation.


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