5 Tips To Help You Craft a Great Partner Excellence Awards Submission

With the awards season underway, we’re gearing up to showcase our incredible partners’ achievements by celebrating “The Power of Partnership” through innovation, collaboration and intelligent automation!

As a reminder: The Partner Excellence Awards deadline is approaching fast on April 19!
If you’re thinking of entering but just haven’t gotten around to it, don’t leave it to the last minute. We’re all familiar with the stress that comes with last-minute rushes. Now is the perfect time to get started with your submission!

About the 2024 Partner Excellence Awards

We’d love all our partners to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the value you’ve added to our ecosystem over the past 12 months and boost your teams’ motivation (and bragging rights) by taking home an award!

With nine exciting categories to enter, three special awards and a total of 39 trophies up for grabs, the Partner Excellence Awards really are the perfect opportunity to spotlight your success.


So, Are You Ready To Share Your Ground-Breaking Achievements?

Meet Rich Bennett, director partner success, EMEA at SS&C Blue Prism, who’s back for his second year on the judging panel. Rich wanted to offer a guiding hand to partners by sharing his top tips for crafting an award-winning entry. Hear about the five key things he recommends you include in your submission to make it stand out.


One: Tell Us Your Story

Use storytelling to craft a submission that comes to life. Apply the same principles to your entry that you would to an executive report. We want to know what problem you were trying to solve and your strategy and approach to tackling this, but make sure you keep it engaging.You should aim to do this in a clear, easy-to-follow way, ensuring there are enough details to make an impression without inundating the judges.

People remember good stories!


Two: Keep It Concise and Well-structured! 

A great story alone may not be enough to clinch one of our Partner Excellence Awards. We want to hear about the facts that sit behind the story.

Make sure that these are explained in straightforward terms. You can download templates from our awards homepage that will help you map out a structure, but we are looking for things like:

  • Why did this project come about?
  • What was the impact of not solving this problem?
  • How did you select the technology needed to address this challenge?
  • What issues did you encounter and how did you overcome them?
  • What outcomes did you deliver for your client?


Three: Highlight The Impact and Outcomes

Tell us what things were like before and how the project improved the situation.

Explain clearly the expected benefits and the extent to which you achieved them, but also include any secondary or unexpected benefits you realized.

These might include:

  • Efficiency goals like increased accuracy or quality, faster resolution time or reduced service cost.
  • Greater effectiveness illustrated through improved agility or responsiveness or increases in metrics such as customer satisfaction or retention.
  • Enabling new ways of working through digital platforms by bringing innovative products or services to market — thereby creating new or increasing existing revenue streams or enabling you to grow market share.


Four: Data!

Where possible, share the true impact of the project by presenting the numbers.

If you can’t do this for confidentiality reasons, at least give us a sense of the impact by using percentages or multiples – for example:

  • Onboarding is now 15% faster.
  • Customer request time has halved.
  • Increase case processing capacity ten times without increasing headcount.
  • Cost to serve has decreased by a third.
  • Driven a 7% increase in CSAT.

The right data can really help bring the benefit story home and leave judges with a greater sense of the real-world impact of your project.


Five: Validation 

Telling us the story in your own words is powerful, but including quotes from your client that validate your story in their own words is just about as good as it gets!

So, if you can, include some quotes from the stakeholders within your client that help convey the project’s impact on them.


What Do I Need To Do Next?

You can find all the information on the category types, how to make your submissions, how to access the category templates and a bunch of frequently asked questions in our Submission Guide; or alternatively visit the Awards Page on the Connect Partner Portal.

Remember to press “submit” when your final entry is ready to ensure it’s counted!

Submissions are open until April 19 at 11:59 EDT via the Awards Platform, but why wait until then to share your stories with us — we can’t wait to start reading them now!