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A Community to discuss and learn more about Blue Prism University and certification. Please use the Product communities for specific technical queries.

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    Posted 01-03-2023 14:48
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    Do you want to upskill on Blue Prism by earning your certifications whilst also saving money? 

    Code: BLUEPRISM20 – 20% Discount for Professional level exams

    Not a Certified Developer? 

    You need to be a Certified Developer first before you can take the Professional Developer exam or Solution Designer exam. Book the Developer exam with this discount code (discount will NOT apply). After passing the Developer exam, you will automatically receive 20% discount off your Solution Designer exam or Professional Developer exam.  


    Already a Certified Developer 

    You can take advantage of this discount as well. Use this code to book the Solution Designer exam (discount will NOT apply). After passing the Solution Designer exam, you will automatically receive 20% discount off your Professional Developer exam. Alternatively, you can book the Professional Developer exam first and then enjoy 20% discount off your Solution Designer exam after passing the Professional Developer exam. 


    *Terms and Conditions Apply* 

    • Discount does not apply on your first exam, but the discount code needs to be entered when you pay your first exam to receive the automatic discount on your next exam. 
    • Discount only applies to the Solutions Designer or Professional Developer exam. 
    • Prerequisite for taking the Professional Developer exam and Solution Designer exam applies. 
    • The code can only be used once. 


    Code BLUEPRISM50 – 50% Discount for Specialty level exams 

    This code can be applied to ROM (Robotic Operating Model), Installation Engineer, and Technical Architect exams 

    Have one of these three certifications  

    You can use the code to receive the 50% discount to the other two exams. Book the first exam with the code to receive 50% off. You will need to pass the first exam to receive 50% off on your 2nd exam.  


    Do not have any of these three certifications 

    Book the first exam and pay full price. After you pass the first exam, you will be qualified for the 50% discount on the next exam. After you pass the 2nd exam, you will be qualified to use the 50% discount again on the 3rd exam.   


    *Terms and Conditions Apply* 

    • Code only applies to ROM, Installation Engineer, and Technical Architect exams. 
    • You must have passed either the ROM, Installation Engineer, or Technical Architect exams to receive this discount 
    • This code can be used multiple times if you have passed the previous exams. 


    Have questions?
    Please refer to the attached FAQs document for further assistance.

    Thank You,
    Blue Prism University

    Have you completed our Blue Prism University survey?

    Beth Pennington
    Blue Prism


    Exam Discount FAQ.pdf   627 KB 1 version

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