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  • 1.  Ocr performed - ready for Capture - Docment struck

    Posted 07-21-2022 12:16
    I have updated Decipher from 1.2 to 2.1. and  existing BP ver is 7.0
    • All services are running fine
    • I am able to push the  doc to Decipher 
    • Image process and  OCR  stage competed successfully 
    • BUT Document not moving to further stage   and struck  at capture
    Can some one  please advise what could be the issue ? I  have verified all logs but not able to observe any error message.
    I see DEBUG statement in a Image process log  as below and feel it is ok 

    2022-07-21 18:47:25.0041 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Smart OCR SDK - Version:, Branch: RC, User: Nuri, Compiled at: Sep 20 2021, 10:42:41
    2022-07-21 18:47:25.0197 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Calling OCR Document init for language: English
    2022-07-21 18:47:25.0197 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Loading external primary recognition engine...
    2022-07-21 18:47:25.0197 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Failed loading of requested external engine: 1, Fail reason: External engine plugin not initialized.
    2022-07-21 18:47:25.0197 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Initiated fall back to other external engines...
    2022-07-21 18:47:25.0509 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Successful fall back to engine: 5
    2022-07-21 18:47:25.0666 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: External engine loaded. Engine code: 5
    2022-07-21 18:47:25.0666 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Init Swap Manager...
    2022-07-21 18:47:25.0666 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Prepare available languages...
    2022-07-21 18:47:25.1759 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: External engine in use. Skip font loading.
    2022-07-21 18:47:25.2072 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Init Success
    2022-07-21 18:47:26.0353 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Loading user dictionary...
    2022-07-21 18:47:26.5041 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Init PDF loader
    2022-07-21 18:47:26.6760 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Register PDF loader events
    2022-07-21 18:47:26.7229 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Init external recognizer
    2022-07-21 18:47:26.9260 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Secondary OCR language: eng
    2022-07-21 18:47:26.9573 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: External recognizer successfully initialized
    2022-07-21 18:47:27.1135 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Init barcode recognizer...
    2022-07-21 18:47:27.2229 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Barcode recognizer failed to initialize
    2022-07-21 18:47:27.2854 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: Init ICR engine...
    2022-07-21 18:47:27.3166 [3308-1] DEBUG | SDK: ICR engine successfully initialized

    Krishna Elapavuluri RPA Solution Lead
    TEchnology Consultant

  • 2.  RE: Ocr performed - ready for Capture - Docment struck

    Posted 07-21-2022 14:53
    Hi Krishna,

    It might be because of one of the following:

    - User details for the capture client. If the user assigned to the Capture client (generaluser by default) has been changed, the credentials would need to be checked in both the UI and config file. The passwords may not be in sync.

    - Or it could be that the Batch Type has been assigned to specific users or user groups and the Capture client hasn't been included. All the users set up for the Decipher Clients, will need to be selected to be able to access and process the batch.

    If it doesn't sound like either of these, I would recommend raising a support ticket.


    Ben Lyons
    Senior Product Specialist - Decipher
    Blue Prism
    UK based

  • 3.  RE: Ocr performed - ready for Capture - Docment struck

    Posted 07-22-2022 06:34

    Thanks Ben for your reply


    I have noticed that the somehow log path entry  missed in  DataCaptureclientconfig, after adding it worked and see docs are processing






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  • 4.  RE: Ocr performed - ready for Capture - Docment struck

    Posted 05-11-2023 12:52

    Hi !
    How are you ?
    How did you check the DataCaptureclientconfig please ?


    Guilherme Morandini
    Consultant RPA
    Avanade Brazil
    São José dos Campos

  • 5.  RE: Ocr performed - ready for Capture - Docment struck

    Posted 05-11-2023 15:09

    Hi Guilherme.

    The file that Krishna is talking about can be found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Blue Prism\Decipher Automated Clients" (assuming you used the default installation. The specific file is called "SsiDataCaptureClient.exe.config".


    Jack Look
    Sr Product Consultant
    Blue Prism

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