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 Checkboxes with variable path

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Daniel Pacheco posted 11-22-2023 16:49

Hi, currently im working on a flow where I see myself stuck. The problem I got is that I have a Checklist with multiple checkboxes that whenever one gets clicked opens another sub-checklist on them. Each checkbox it is writed as the same in html code, without and ID.
Blueprism detects the path for every div opened, for an example:


So if I skip one checkbox the one that follows doesn't get recognized.
I previously worked this exact process on UiPath and this platform had a tool where the checkbox was anchored to the label of them, so I didnt have really a problem with it. 
My question is, is there a similar tool in BluePrism?, if there isn't, is there any way around this problem or BluePrism just is not an option to do this task.

Any reply would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Harish Mogulluri

HI Daniel Pacheco,

If I understand you are trying to select multiple check box based on some criteria

so in  htmlpath you need to find the dynamic parameter to select the appropriate check boc

for example lets assume that 1st field check box in row1  the dynamic valyue might be tr[1]

and 2nd field check box  might be tr[2]  to identify the second check box

In appl modeller you can select dynamic and in the  navigattion stage once you drag and drop the element  there will be 3 dots( elipsis)  which is params, you need to open that and pass the whole html path combination of static value + dynamic  value.

you can do combination of different things, 1st you can read the field name and if the filed name is what you are expecting then you can select the respective check box.

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Micheal Charron

@Daniel Pacheco

You can also use XPath Expressions in the "Web Path" attribute. This can give you the ability to target an element relative to a more identifiable element. XPath Expressions look daunting but once you get the hang of them, they are easy to work with.

Take for example the page in the BP Travel example web site. There are three radio buttons that are indistinguishable from each other but using XPath Expressions, you can identify them relative to their labels. The "Web Path" attribute, with the XPath Expression will find the correct radio button no matter how dynamic the page is.

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Rohit Srivastava

Hi Daniel,

A very simple and straight forward solution is to utilized XPATH Scripting.

I Would not like to take your time here, rather I'll pass you to Xpath | Youtube | DavetheRPAGuy

Hope this helps!