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 Connector for Blue Prism Resource PC Monitor - questions

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Walter Koller posted 06-17-2022 09:48
The link to DX asset: Connector for Blue Prism Resource PC Monitor 
Blue Prism Resource PC Monitor
was shared in another discussion about monitoring. 
This sounds very interesting for us and we might going to use this asset.

However, it is very irritating to see a huge 'Community Developer' logo there and also 'Author: Blue Prism'. 
We are in banking business and of course are very careful what we download and use, especially when it is an executable and we should enter user credentials. 
Generally it would be much appreciated to be more clear on what is developed and supported by who. And it would makes searches in DX portal by categorizations more efficient.

Who is the author of this asset, was it reviewed, can it be trusted?
Why is it not part of BP installation as improved version of Alerts?

Is my understanding correct that only named BP users are supported? SSO authentication won't work?

What type of checks are done?
Simple online/offline? Or tests for eg 'online but no valid connection could be created' issues?
Might there be false alarms when RR went offline as part of logon/logoff or restart procedure?

How does the final notification test looks like? Is there any information about what RR failed? Is there only one and the same text sent out for all RR?
A 'something went wrong somewhere' is of limited help when having 5 prod environments and dozens of RR.

Any plans to update this asset to BP v7.x?

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Neeraj Kumar
i think @Eric Wilson can answer details on DX assets.​
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Eric Wilson
Hello @Walter Koller,

The DX Community Developer program is something we started shortly after the Digital Exchange was originally launched. All of those assets had public GitHub repositories where any user was free to submit issues, pull/push code changes, and even fork the repositories. Those changes would be reviewed by my team, and a decision would be made as to whether they should be merged into the main code line. It was basically an open-source community development program for Blue Prism. Unfortunately, we had to step back from that program due to concerns regarding Federal regulations around sharing source code, etc. However, Blue Prism employees are still able to post assets under that mantle, and the vast majority of the assets published by my team are found under the DX Community Developer label.

The DX contains more than 2000 assets covering many different platforms and technologies. As much as we would like to provide full standard support for every asset, it's simply not possible. However, if you've spent any reasonable amount of time on the Blue Prism Community, you've no doubt noticed that the community performs an amazing job of helping out other community members when there are questions/issues related to Blue Prism or DX assets. Further, there is an option on every community asset to Contact Support. That will put you in touch with the DX support team. DX support is best effort, so there are no SLAs attached to those requests. While it is another avenue to get assistance, I always recommend coming to the community first.

We'll be introducing a few feature to the DX in the coming months that will allow us to post more technical content with each asset. Previously, we would post things like source code under the marketing collateral, but we decided a better approach is to extend the technical asset area. Once that feature goes live, we'll have the source code of the Runtime Resource Monitor posted. In the meantime, feel free to DM me and I can get it over to you if that would help alleviate some of your concerns.

Finally, EVERY asset submitted to the Digital Exchange goes through marketing and technical reviews. Nothing is blindly posted to the DX.​ The DX was created with the intent to assist Blue Prism customers to build solutions faster by leveraging pre-built connectors and processes where ever possible and to fill gaps in core product functionality where it makes sense. I believe we've done, and continue to do, a pretty good job at hitting that mark.

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Eric Wilson
@Walter Koller,

The source code for the Resource Monitor service has been posted to the asset page. Look for the section titled Additional Collateral as shown below.​