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 Get Table Items from within iFrame - Edge

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Peter Cousins posted 09-21-2022 17:07

We have just swapped one of our Automations from IE to Edge and having trouble getting table items from within an iFrame.

Previously with IE we could just HTML spy the table and use 'Read' - 'Get Table' and place the results into a collection, however now with Edge the same element is being spied as iFrame and when using 'Read' we are unable to 'Get Table'.

Element Details of Edge spied table element:

Same Element but on IE:

I have tried changing the Element type to 'Table (Web)' and get the below message when trying to read/get table items into a collection:

I have also tried changing the Element Type to 'Table (Web)' coupled with changing the Web Element Type attribute to 'TABLE' and still no joy.

Is there a way of grabbing the table within the iFrame and sticking the results into a collection?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Kirk Russell Best Answer
Hi Peter

Lesley Case a developer in Leeds shared how to do this, I tried to add her in here but I don't think she is a member of the Product community. She says I can share this doc with how she did it and is happy for you to reach out to her directly through the wider BP community

Feels like there are a few of us wrangling with this table in switching e-RS from IE to Edge or Chrome

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Lesley Case
Hi Peter, I managed to find the discussion!

Kirk has already shared the document I put together on how to extract the eRS data items from the IFRAME. I hope this is helpful but if you do have any problems please do reach out to me - I'm more than happy to help.
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Peter Cousins

This is great , thanks for your help Lesley and Kirk! Should make the switch over for eRS much easier.